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  • Thousands of students learn Hawai‘i’s history on our site.
  • Hundreds of researchers dig through our archives here or online.
  • Thousands of visitors and residents enjoy special programs & daily tours.
  • Countless hours are spent in preservation
  • A slice of Hawai‘i’s and America’s history.
  • A free Historic House tour.
  • An archive of original manuscripts—many of which are now available online.
  • Discounts in the Gift Shop and for tickets to events.
  • E-news and an active website of activities including online exhibitions and archives
  • You support HMH and feel good about making a contribution to our community.
  • You are kept abreast of what we are doing so that you can be sure to enjoy the events.
  • You get a 10% discount in the Gift Shop which is full of great ideas for gifting.
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