We are looking for forward thinking, creative, talented people to work with in the museum space! Thanks for your interest – please contact our office at OFFICE@MISSIONHOUSES.ORG or Call (808) 447-3926 for current job postings. 

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Current Open Position: Visitor Services and Gift Shop Assistant Manager

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Hawaiian Mission Houses Historic Site and Archives enriches our community by fostering thoughtful dialogue and greater understanding of the missionary role and impact on the history of Hawai`i.

Hawaiian Mission Houses Historic Site and Archives preserves the heritage and interprets the stories of the American Protestant Missionaries, their descendants, and their relationships with the people and cultures of Hawai`i, connecting with contemporary life, and encouraging a deeper understanding and appreciation of the complex history of Hawaiʻi.

Collaboration between Native Hawaiians and the American Protestant missionaries resulted in, among other things, the introduction of Christianity, the development of a written Hawaiian language and establishment of schools that resulted in widespread literacy, the promulgation of the concept of constitutional government, the combination of Hawaiian with Western medicine, and the evolution of a new and distinctive musical tradition with harmony and choral singing.