Historic Collections

Cherished family heirlooms

Cherished family heirlooms collected by the Hawaiian Mission Children’s Society form the core of the curatorial collections at Hawaiian Mission Houses. Each of these objects, generously donated by individuals, families or institutions, has its own story to tell about the early missionaries, who left the comfort and security of their homes in New England to travel to a distant land thousands of miles away.

Many of the items in the Museum’s collections survived a five-month journey around Cape Horn. They provide valuable insight into the domestic lives of 19th century Americans. Other pieces crafted locally or received as gifts from Hawaiian royalty or visiting sea captains, combine New England design with the use of Hawaiian materials such as native woods and fibers. Some pieces reflect the lucrative business of the China Trade.

• Furniture & Domestic Artifacts
• Textiles
• Personal artifacts
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• Communication and recreation artifacts
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