Aloha Smoke Spice Smoked Hawaiian Salt Blend


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This smoky salt and chili blend will awaken your tastebuds with the spices of Aloha!

In Hawaiian cooking, you are sure to find an imu or Hawaiian underground oven not too far away. The flavors imparted from this traditional cooking method are unmatched and unique. Our Kailua Seasoning Company Aloha Smoke Spice looks to capture the flavors of the imu.

We combine smoky spices with three local Hawaiian salts including the well known Kiawe Smoked Salt. This salt is smoked with the local Kiawe wood to give a distinct Hawaiian scent and flavor to transport you to an island luau. Pair that with the slightly sweet Red Alaea Salt and the charcoaled Black Hawaiian Salt and you have a combination that is not to be missed.

Our Aloha Smoke Spice packs flavors of smoke and salt and can be best described as a seasoned salt.

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