Proposed Nominees for the Board of Trustees
to be elected at the Annual Meeting, Saturday, April 21, 2018

Proposed trustees to be elected for a first three-year term: 

  • Frank Brandt
  •         Chris Cook
  •         Janet Cooke
  •         Patricia Godfrey
  •         Lucy Gospodnetich
  •         Patricia Morgan
  •         Curt Sharp

To Be Re-elected

•      Puchi Romig to be re-elected for her second three-year term.
•      Peter T. Young to be re-elected for his third three-year term.

Trustees elected in 2016; term to expire April 2019

•      Kahu Francine Park Palama, Ph.D. was elected to her first three-year term.
•      Lindsay Norcross Mist was elected for her second three-year term.

Trustees elected in 2017; term to expire April 2020

•      Malia Ane

•     Juliette Montague Cooke

•     Richard Emery

•     The Rev. Dr. David Hirano

•     James F. Hunnewell, Jr., AIA

•     Ken Makuakane

•     Lucas Morgan

•     Wendy Rice Peterson

Re-elected were:

•      Paul Dahlquist – for a third term

•      Sherman Hee– for a third term

•      McKibbin Mist– for a third term

•      John Laimana– for a third term

•      Sarah Richards– for a second term

Trustees who have resigned or will rotate off the Board

     Christopher B. D. Abbott
     Malia Ane 
     Alan B. King
    Leilani Maguire
•     Martha E. Morgan
•     Bonnie F. Rice